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The home of authentic Italian cuisine in Athens Georgia. Food like my family made growing up in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Hearty portions of the highest quality pasta made from scratch. The lightest gnocchi each rolled by hand just hours earlier. Home made prosciutto and salami cut into the thinnest slices with freshly cured cheeses slathered with spiced olive oil we’d pressed in the Fall. Wild porcini mushrooms we’d gather  from the woodlands nearby.
My kitchen shares the very best of my culinary heritage. Italians can enjoy the sweet life of great  food and at La Dolce Vita, you can too. Please, come be our guest and enjoy.

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Our House Specialties

Carpaccio – Genuine carpaccio done well can be hard to find. We slice the very finest portions of the highest grade raw beef into razor thin but generously wide slivers. Then drizzle citronette over the shaved Parmigiano cheese which perfects the dish. Good carpaccio should all but dissolve upon the tongue like butter. Italian sushi, if you will.

Bread- We only serve home made fresh Focaccia bread simply seasoned with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. We serve it hot out of the oven when it is crispy outside and fluffy on the inside. Enjoy it with premium DOP Sicilian olive oil for dipping.

Seafood – Fresh, big, and abundant. Enjoy over classic risotto or with freshly made Tagliatelle, or simply roasted with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

Meatballs – There are meatballs, and then there are the La Dolce Vita meatballs. Our flagship dish, made with a secret family recipe. They’re melt in your mouth tender which we will match against any meatball anywhere. Come try our Polpette Al Sugo.

Fresh pastas- Here at La Dolce Vita we follow tradition and we do not cut corners when it comes down to our pastas. We offer a limited selection, so look forward to silky Tagliatelle and melt-in-your mouth Gnocchi made from scratch daily.

Wine / Beer – We stock the best of authentic Italian wines and imported beers. Definitely not the typical stock of most every other restaurant here in Athens, Georgia. Looking for what tasteful worldly people actually drink? Come to La Dolce Vita and sample our varied selection.

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