Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Jay?

Who is Jay?

What are Jay’s Skills?

Do I need a web site?

What comes with a website?

How much will this cost?

How long will this take?

Will my website come up #1 on Google?

If you have any other questions or you’re ready to get started,

please phone (706)757-8090 or email


Why Hire Jay?

Quality, Price, & Service

You won’t find higher quality elsewhere.

I do custom web design from scratch created just for you.
Your web site will look like you paid 3-5k for it and your clients will assume
you’re very good and successful at what you do to spend this much on a
custom designed website. The point of a website is to make you look
good which it can’t do unless it also looks great.

as a free-lancer with low overhead, I provide superior web
sites at very competitive prices. I regularly sub-contract for
marketing companies or others and they routinely charge several times
what I do for the same work. Hire me directly and save big bucks!

Finally, service
is my first priority. The #1 complaint I hear about
other developers is that my clients were never able to get them on the
phone or to do what needed to be done. When you work with me, you’re
working with the boss and the employee in one. I will never let your
calls go un-returned or your emails un-responded.
I don’t give deadlines because I assume that everything
is needed ASAP. If it’s going to take me more than a few
days, I’ll let you know.
Otherwise, I wait on my clients and you will
not wait for me.


How much will this cost?

Sites range from $500 to $1500.
My standard site package nicely equipped will
cost $999. From your basic site, we’ll add-on elements
a-la-carte as you desire.

After your website is finished, I don’t charge any “maintenance” fees like other developers. Your two ongoing costs for a site are the Registrar for your domain renewal and Hosting. Domain renewal is ~$15 / year. I can resell you Hosting for $50 / year or we can set up your own hosting account which will be ~$75+ / year.


What comes with a website?

Domain name selection, registration or transfer
Site Hosting setup
Custom Graphic Header featuring your logo
Animated Header Graphic (or other piece of flair)
4-6 pages w/custom web design
In-set Picture/Image on every page
In-domain Email
Google Analytics
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Mobile device version of website

At an additional fee we can add on any of the following:
Intermediate Search Engine Optimization
Paypal Buttons / Shopping Cart
Blog / Forum

Anything else you can think of!

If I don’t know how to do something you need,
I’ll either figure it out or sub-contract the work.

What doesn’t come with a website?

The content, which mainly consists of the logo, text, and photos.

There are a number of different ways to obtain this content:

If you don’t have or don’t love your logo, we can have
one inexpensively but professionally designed with a contest at the
graphic web design contest site
It’s a fantastic deal.

For the text,
we can take it from your current marketing materials or
you can write it or we can sub-contract an affordable professional

For photos,
you can take them or we can contract a photographer or we
can use nice and inexpensive stock photos from a site like


What are Jay’s areas of expertise?

I see myself primarily as a Digital Marketer.
Like a general contractor building an Internet house,

I bring together all of the elements of a
web site in a professional, cohesive, attractive whole. I’ll do the
work I’m best at and contract experts for the work they’re best at to
achieve very best final result.
Forexample, although I can do graphic design, I’m just not as good as
someone who spends all day every day concentrating on only designing
logos (especially when we can outsource overseas cheaply). Likewise for
writing the text or taking photos, an expert’s
touch is evident in the final product.

What I do really well is anything with computers that is public facing.
Such as, html, css, dns, web design, graphics, general Internet tech and post-production video editing.
I’m skilled with the Adobe Macromedia family of products including
Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Premiere and After Effects.

I also know WordPress very well and all of the Google products such as Google
Apps, Adwords, AdSense and Analytics.

I can set up any Internet
add-on you can think of such as photo galleries / slide
shows, blogs, forums, chat-rooms, search engine
optimization, google ads, video editing, embedded video,
traffic metering, online membership directories or listings, Paypal ‘Buy Now’
buttons, shopping carts and much more.

If I can‘t do it really well, I know someone who can.


Who is Jay?

I’ve been interested in computers since I was young.
I got started by riding my bicycle down to the
local Radio Shack and spending all day in their computer section.

I attended the University of Georgia, have a degree in computer
programming, and have spent over a decade writing database
software. I’ve been setting up web sites since the dawn of the Internet.

My main personal pursuit of late is
turning my middle school age boy/girl twins
from little monkeys into fully-formed adult human beings with my wife.

I enjoy spending time riding off-road motorcycles, attending music performances in Athens Georgia
and I’m a certified Master Gardener.


Will my website come up first on Google?

I will perform basic optimization on your site so that you will likely
be on the first page when your business name is
searched or your industry and location are searched.

If you need more traffic or want higher rankings, I can put additional
work into it.

The term for adjusting your web
site so that it will be returned near the top in search results is
‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO. I will do all of the standard
internal things that promote good SEO so that your site will come up
first when your unique business name is searched. Beyond that, there is
much we can do if you want to optimize your site to come at the top
when your general industry and locale are searched ex. ‘hospice Tulsa

However, I find that
for many clients who want more visitors to their site, what they really
need is Online Networking and/or Social PR. This is because
there may not be many Google searches for your product/service in the first place. In
other words, if no one is aware of your business/product/service, they
can’t search for it and won’t come to your site.

Online networking gets the word out via Facebook, Google+, blogs, forums, articles, comment
areas, etc. This can be very effective not only at improving your
traffic but the traffic will be high-quality, potential customers.


Do I need a web site?

Probably. The phone book is like the typewriter: yesterday’s way.
Today, if you need a phone number, address or information of any type,
we do a quick Internet search.

If a customer can’t find your phone number,
they’ll call somebody else.

So, you definitely need an effective web site if you are in
any type of business, organization, or seek to entertain,
educate, or opine.

Depending on your needs, we can utilize the
internet to maximize your objectives.

If you’re an individual, I strongly encourage you to consider buying
the domain of Dot Com addresses are valuable and increasingly
rare commodities. Seriously, there are 4 other “Jay Braver’s” out there
and eventually, one of them is going to wish he had bought before me.

The bottom line is that there is no more cost effective way to
communicate with your neighbors or the world than the Internet and your
web site is your portal to it.


How long will this take?

It’s up to you. I’ll be waiting on you and you won’t be waiting on me.

If I have all the content, I can create a full site from scratch in only
about a week and a half. But in reality, it takes time for us to gather
all the necessary content like photos, logo files, and text. I will
stop often for your feedback and input and that takes time. At a couple
of points, I’ll need final proof approval to proceed.
On average, sites take about two weeks to two months depending on
how quickly you’re able to get back to me with your feedback.

If after a few weeks / months, you do not
provide the content or feedback necessary for me to proceed, it makes
my job take additional effort and is more time-consuming.

Developing websites
take a great deal of mental energy and multiple stops/starts working on
your site are not included in the all-in standard package price. But if you
have to take an extended break before continuing, we’ll work out fair
compensation for my additional time.

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