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Jay Braver Sells!

Digital Marketing

Jay Braver can market your business, organization or you!

Jay has over twenty years of digital marketing and website creation experience. He specializes in anything done with a computer that is public-facing or front-end including websites, videography, graphics, Facebook, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and more. His goal is to make your online presence reflect on you and your company in a very positive light.

He is a UGA graduate who has a degree in computer programming. Formerly, he worked on banking websites for Intuit Financial Services and on websites and marketing / database software in the construction industry for Sundtec Software.
He has created many, many websites in almost all fields.

On the Internet, perception truly is reality. He can create the online experience that will make your desired reality come true.

Contact him to discuss your project:,

Or drop by his office in The Pendergrass House in downtown Jefferson, GA at 27 Sycamore St. 30549.

Real Estate

Jay Braver can help you sell or buy your house!

There are a LOT of friendly real estate agents out there but very few have actual professional marketing experience. Today, everything in real estate sales is digital which is Jay’s area of expertise. He knows how to take the best photos and retouch them in photoshop. He is comfortable with the MLS and other online listing services because he has created websites like them himself. Jay has decades of experience as his father was a broker and he grew up working on their properties.

You’re going to pay your realtor a great deal of money. So why not hire the one who is worth it?

Email or call 706.510.6174 today to hire Jay Braver, the realtor who’s worth it!

Iin The Pendergrass House in downtown Jefferson, GA at 27 Sycamore St. 30549.

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