About Us

door-sign[1]In January 1973, Dr. Sheffield completed his ENT training and moved to Athens to start his practice. Six months later, in June of 1973, Dr. Dempsey finished his training and joined Dr. Sheffield in Athens. Since then, their practice has flourished for over forty years, an accomplishment resulting from a strong commitment to the care of their patients. Continuing this commitment to patient care, Dr. Mixson joined the practice in 2006, Dr. Norris joined in 2012 and Dr. Katz joined in 2013.  Dr. Blake Kimbrell joined the practice in Fall of 2016.

Due to the growth of their practice, ENT of Athens moved to a new location in October 2008 with more than twice the space of the original office, significantly increased clinical capacity, and the implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system. The new space also currently allows our doctors to treat their sinusitis patients with both point-of-service CT scanning and allergy testing and immunotherapy. Additionally, ENT of Athens audiologists at the Georgia Hearing Center have developed their own new space with expanded consult rooms and two audio booths.